• These days, playing a mobile game is not all about beating high scores, but players often look for unique experiences that they can enjoy on the go. In a move to cater for such needs, developers around the globe have been working pretty hard. Clockwork Pixels is the name of a studio where a group developers can be regularly seen devoting their time to the creation of mobile entertainment; Citadel 1986 is the result of their efforts! The latter is a brand-new platformer and as you might have guessed, pixels and retro looks will be on offer. Do note that the app will cost $0.99 only; 37 areas will have to be explored at this stage. The title’s announcement video will certainly help you out for now! 

    Citadel 1986 

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  • If you have Archibald’s Adventures on your smartphone or tablet, you have probably been wondering why the developer has ignored the game for so long! The title was released early in 2009 as one of the App Store’s first games and the last update came seven years ago, in 2010. However, we have some news from the developers and it’s indeed to do with an upgrade! The latter is now live; it will improve the graphics, boosting the experience as a whole. Do note that $0.99 is the price seen in-stores. Have fun! 


    Archibald's Adventures


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  • Combining the features from the best performing games is pretty popular practice and developers from across the industry seems to be making good use of the strategy. Most apps seen on the iOS Store or Google Play now come with multi-genre aspects, which obviously give them their special glow. What about one that comes with a combination of street football, golf and platform gaming?!

    This indeed sounds like a pretty special title and it’s called Footy Golf! The latter has been released a few days ago; it’s on the App Store as a free-to-play. As mentioned above, elements from several gaming genres will be seen therein and players will hence play as characters who will be using their foot as a club. To boot, a football will have to be kicked and once in the air, platform gaming bits like the collection of coins, will be noticed. 

    Footy Golf

    To boot, the background music will remind users of titles like Super Mario, Sonic and several other renowned platformers. To further boost the experience, the developer has made it possible to unlock new characters and balls. Each of these will have their own particular looks and characteristics, which can eventually be used to score the most goals. 80 courses will have to be completed and even if things might look easy to learn, the game will still be quite hard to master.

    Feel free to refer to your local App Store for additional details about this cool new freemium and remember to share your thought in the comment section that you will find right under this post. As a treat, you can check Footy Golf’s very own announcement trailer here, it will certainly give you a better idea of what to expect. This is going to be fun, happy gaming!

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  • In life, you sometimes need to analyse situations before making your final move and this same concept applies in Squashy Bug! It might be a mobile game, but the latter is one that has been developed to help players contemplate or think about their every move. The gameplay is focused on getting a high score, but it will also be easy to learn and fairly hard to master! The app has been released on the 27th of April; it will target major download platforms. For now, do check the trailer for additional details! 

    Squashy Bug

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  • Yet another platformer will soon be released on mobile! It’s called Binary Dash and Star Garden Games is presently working on it. Do note that the launch is slated for the 27th of April; both the iOS and Android stores are targeted. The app will be free-to-play, with a $0.99 in-app purchase to unlock the full version. In the wait to find it online, do check the trailer that was recently released by the developer! 

    Binary Dash

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  • Mobile gamers will be thrilled to learn that Nitrome is soon going to release its new app! The latter is called Drop Wizard Tower and fans will certainly realise that it is going to be a sequel. Do note that the original game was launched in 2015 and Neutronized was the initial developer. The team’s contribution is also expected in the development of this brand-new experience. For now, little details have been revealed; players are hence advised to look out for more information. Subscribe for our newsletter to stay updated! 

    Nitrome will soon release Drop Wizard Tower for mobile 


    Drop Wizard Tower


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  • As a mobile gamer, you are certainly aware that platform games now make up for the gaming needs of a large portion of the community! These titles are fun to play and they are being recognised. Meganoid 2017 is a good one to refer to as it was recently elected as Game of the Week by TouchArcade. As you might know, the latter is a leading mobile game news reporting website and the above-mentioned election was certainly good PR for Pascal Bestebroer. Do note that several features of the app were also highlighted in the announcement article. On the other hand, it might help to point out that it will cost $4.99 to download; a price that will surely make it inaccessible to many casual gamers. Watch the title’s announcement trailer and remember to share your thoughts in the comment section! 

    Meganoid 2017

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  • It has now been submitted to the App Store and it is presently being reviewed for approval! This is a crucial stage that each and every iOS game has to go through; Get Me Outta Here will certainly not be an exception. Do note that this announcement was recently made by folks from the development team, and like them, platformer fans will surely be waiting for something extraordinary!

    Indeed, the title will provide players with a retro action platformer gameplay and it will also be one with a lot of charm. As suggested, gamers with an iOS smartphone or tablet will be the first to be served; more details about additional ports will certainly be revealed in the near future! However, you folks can expect the launch of the initial version in the weeks to come.

    Get Me Outta Here

    The storyline will also be a pretty original one! An old, balding farmer gets abducted by aliens and he lands in their mothership. The latter is a massive maze and it will be packed with creatures of all shapes and sizes. It will be all about surviving and using his kidnappers own weapons, the old man will have to try and kick his way out of this mess! I am personally really excited to hear all this, ain’t you?!

    It will be wise to highlight the title’s retro style! We all know that this can potentially add a lot of charm to a game and from what can be seen in the newly released trailer, Get Me Outta Here looks and feels great. In the wait to beat high scores and conquer the leaderboard, simply keep an eye on this blog. Updates will be posted on a regular basis!

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  • If like the thousands of fans out there, you are also waiting for Robot Unicorn Attack 3, you will be pleased to hear that you can now pre-register for the Android version! When it comes to the gameplay, we will get to enjoy the same thing as the first and second games. However, “spankin' new 3D graphics which are powered by the Unreal engine” will certainly move things to the next level. The platformer will release at some point during the weeks that follow. Stay tuned for addition details!

    Robot Unicorn Attack 3

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  • If you have an iOS or Android device, it is now possible to experience puzzle-gaming thrills for free! The title that you might want to look out for is Andrey Kovalishin’s Snail Bob 2. Even if the latter might seems to target a younger audience, older folks will also be able to enjoy what's on offer. Do note that playing is set to be super fun as there are over 90 levels to discover. Watch some of the latest demos for a glimpse of the action! 

    Snail Bob 2

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