• Vintage is the new cool within the mobile game industry and developers are indeed doing their best to meet market needs. Daily releases seem to always include pixelated, arcade-style titles, and these apps have proved to be pretty successful to date. 2D action, heroic characters, gloomy environments, demonic bosses, these all seem to excite players a lot, and following the recent announcements, they are likely to be served!

    The next game of the kind is going to be Ghoulboy! From the title, you can certainly start guessing what this will be all about. From the little details that we have managed to find online, we can indeed confirm that it will be a side-scrolling platformer with several interesting features that will eventually captivate players. However, its most distinctive aspect will surely have to be its 2D graphics…


    That’s right, pixels will be combined with other cool retro elements and the result will certainly be something that will meet the needs of mobile gamers. Once in-game, users will get to control a heroic character who will often be seen throwing a spear to create additional platforms. To boot, puzzle and combat elements will further enhance the experience. You wouldn’t want to miss out on it!


    Do note that apart from the fact that it will be an iPhone and iPad app, little details have been revealed so far. However, we do have a trailer that can give fans of the genre a good idea of what to expect. Check it out below and stay tuned for the release date and even more thrilling footage.

  • Foursaken Media is about to deliver its next game, and it’s going to be part of the Block Fortress series. The announcement was made a few days ago; players will enjoy a gameplay that will be a mix between Minecraft and Clash of Clans. Indeed, single player features have been combined with defence-building and crafting elements which will make the app’s content look pretty original. When it comes to the cost, it will cost $1.99 only! Feel free to check the original game’s latest tutorials for an idea of what to expect! 

    Block Fortress


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  • In a move to extend the lifespan on their apps, mobile game developers are presently coming up with various strategies. However, the one that seems to work out best is the delivery of regular updates or expansions. This brings in new content and eventually prevents players from getting bored over time. RareSloth is a developer who seems to have mastered the arts of updating its apps, and its latest work has indeed been welcomed!

    You must have guessed it, we are actually referring to the latest patch delivered for King Rabbit, and if you are a player, you will certainly confirm the joy of finding a whole bunch of new levels in-game! Do note that three collections have already been released for the platformer and the latest just does not seem to be the last. It would indeed not be wise to stop when things are going so well!

    King Rabbit

    The Diamond Collection will cost gamers $1.99. However, do note that those who have already purchased the past three expansions can get it for free. That’s right, nothing to pay for 64 new levels and tons of new perks to discover. It might help to remind new players that controlling the in-game rabbit will not always be as easy as it might seem to be! Fierce enemies and deadly traps will have to be surpassed. King Rabbit is all about platform-hopping thrills like no other!

    Remember that the title is presently free on major download stores and its new trailer will surely give you a hint of what to expect. Stay tuned for additional details about your favourite titles and remember that the comment section is now open for you to share your thoughts!

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  • Over the years, we witnessed the launch of all sorts of platformers. However, the game that French developer Ankama is about to release is looking better than anything else and it’s called Drag’n’Boom! The latter will be delivered for mobile in the days to come and players can expect a bit of a diversion from the regular platformer game. Indeed, sling-shooting elements have been included and seem to work pretty well alongside everything else! Check newly revealed announcement trailer for a better idea of what to expect from this forthcoming app and remember to keep an eye in-store! 


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  • Folks with a smartphone or tablet will soon get download a remake of the awesome Duke Dashington! The latter is presently being developed and from what we know, it will be a fun platformer that will certainly thrill fans. Major mobile stores will be targeted once the app is ready; it will provide players with a refined experience that’s totally worth waiting for. For a glimpse of the in-game action, do take a few seconds to watch the original trailer. The comment section is open for your views and critics!

    Duke Dashington Remastered

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  • Till date, platform games have taken all sorts of forms and they have always managed to appeal to large portions of the market. The genre got a massive boost with the advent of Super Mario Run, and these days, things are still going strong and new titles are being released on a daily basis. Pixel Stomper’s latest launch is an app that can be considered as a pretty good example!

    It’s called Jutsu and it can now be downloaded from the App Stores around the globe. The game comes with beautifully put together and original comic book art, sound and gameplay. On the other hand, it’s a free-to-play experience that’s action-packed and loaded with a good dose of adventure. It might help to point out that pixel art is back in trend with the launch of this title.


    Once installed, five worlds will have to be conquered. This will certainly be a real challenge, but rest assured as it will also be a fun journey across 5 perilous worlds. The ultimate goal will be to eventually beat foes and help the character get his powers back! 100 levels will have to be explored; with the right skills, one will surely get over it all to emerge as a winner.


    Jutsu can presently be downloaded from both the iOS and Android stores. The fierce in-game ninja is waiting for you to guide him to safety. Take some time to watch the trailer as it will certainly give you a better idea of what’s on offer. Dare to take up the free challenge!

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  • If you have been wondering what’s next from the makers of Clash of Clans, you will be pleased with the Birthday Boom! The latter is a brand-new spell and it will be around for a limited time. Just like other anniversary perks that have been delivered till date, this one is indeed pretty amazing. It will cost 19K to brew, but one will not regret using it in battle. Enemies will be blown away and if you have your strategy right, you will certainly end up with lots of loot and XP. Check the trailer out soon! 

    Birthday Boom

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  • Following its 2015 hit, Heroki, Picomy is now willing to provide players with yet another dose of quality gaming on the go! The developer has hence announced Monomals and the release is slated for 2018. Do note that the app is presently being developed for mobile devices and it will deliver a gameplay that will be a mix between the creature collecting and rhythm genres. An underwater theme will be adopted; players will be tasked to explore the sea to find funny-looking music-composing creatures. Sounds pretty original to me; I wouldn’t like to miss out on it to be frank! Check the trailer and stay tuned for more details!  



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  • If you are among the millions who like to beat high scores on their mobile devices, you will be pleased with what Spin Addict has on offer. The latter can presently be downloaded from the App Store and it’s free-to-play. The title’s mechanics, visual effects and overall gameplay will certainly impress. Feel free to check it out in the video posted below; your comments are also welcome in the box! 

    Spin Addict


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  • In the recent years, platform games have adopted all sorts of themes in a move to try and impress players. While some decided to opt for high-end graphics, others went for original characters, cool sound and smooth controls. However, not all of them actually managed to reach their goals and shine as brightly as they were expected to!

    From what we have managed to observe, the most successful titles are also the most original ones. According to what we have gathered following a recent announcement, we personally believe that something pretty amazing is on the way! It’s called Cat Bird, and yes, it’s a platformer that will not only provide players with a challenge, but it will also come with a twist. The game’s main character will be somewhat special! 

    Cat Bird

    It will look like a cat, but once we have taken time to discover it, we will soon realise that it’s also a bird! Surprising, right?! Natural enemies have been combined to give birth to this peculiar character, and its unique in-game abilities will certainly boost this forthcoming mobile experience. The cute-looking white feline will actually be seen flying around the levels. Yes, a winged kitty is what you will have to deal with as you play on!

    Do note that the release is for the 24th of August; major app stores will definitely be targeted. For now, the developer has a trailer out there, one that showcases the in-app features, gameplay, graphics and sound pretty well. Do check it out soon and remember to share your thoughts and expectations in the comments section seen underneath this post. Stay tuned for a real treat!

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