• Slime Pizza: Nitrome’s new platform game is now in your local stores

    With thousands of developers operating within the mobile game industry, competition can indeed be pretty fierce. However, despite the odds, the platform gaming genre will never stop surprising us. Innovative, fun and next-gen gameplays are being released and players seems to be fully satisfied by what is being offered. In this post, we will discover one of the latest launches. Read on! 

    As fans, you are certainly aware that Nitrome is a leader among the active platform game developers. Apart from providing players with entertaining apps, the team also works to deliver original gameplays. Slime Pizza is the name of their latest released mobile application. It comes with deadly enemies, obstacles, but above all, it offers a pretty delicious experience to folks who own the right device.

    Slime Pizza

    Gamers will be tasked to control a green blob. The latter is the main character and it will have the ability to stick to any surface, absorb objects that are meant to be collected, and with a touch, it will be possible to pull and fling it around. Multi-room adventures that are infested with creatures of all sorts will certainly give players an adrenaline rush like no other.

    Do note that Slime Pizza is a 9+ rated title that will fit on major iOS smartphones and tablets. Brace yourself for some pizza-saving thrills and a platform adventure that will certainly be unlike any of the others that you might have tested till date. Find the game on your local App Store and enjoy freemium thrills on the go!

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