• Since everything seems to be permitted within mobile games, we can now peacefully rob, bribe, blackmail and assassinate as we enjoy our time off! It’s indeed all possible within Antihero, a single/multiplayer turn-based strategy game for those who might want to experience something different on the go. Players will be tasked to gather a team of outlaws; it will then be all about going against other units to eventually take over the city. Also note that the app offers a story-driven campaign to give players more of a choice in terms of gameplay. If you fancy a go, simply check your local App Store now and download Antihero for $4.99. 


  • Endless running games are presently known for their popularity, but every now and then, they tend to get a boost from a higher power and this eventually improves their fame. Normally, this happens in the form of a new release and it’s always a game that looks like an all-round piece of entertainment. These days, Run Sausage Run! seems to be the one whose advent is really benefiting the endless running category. Let’s check it out!

    When we talk about run games like the one mentioned above, a mighty tomb raider, athlete or creature are normally the characters that we expect to see in-game. However, this is definitely not going to repeat itself in the case of Crazy Labs’ latest released app! As the title of the game might have hinted, the character will be a four-legged sausage! 

    Run Sausage Run!

    As a player, it will be your ultimate goal to protect the piece of processed meat as it runs across one of the deadliest environments that I ever saw within a game! Use the sausage’s flexible body ability to make it through the smashers, spinning words, grills and all other deadly obstacles. Do note that staying alive for the longest possible amount of time is going to be the ultimate goal. Are you ready for the challenge?!

    If you are, you will find the Run Sausage Run! in your local App Store. It’s free-to-play, but it holds in-app purchases that will allow players to buy in-game currency and new outfits for the dangly bit! That’s right, you will get to disguise and decorate it in various ways. Get started soon and once done, remember to get in touch to share the experience!

  • This end of year, TouchArcade revealed its Game of the Year without any change to the protocol! Death Road to Canada was elected and it’s an app that has definitely managed to demarcate itself. Throughout the past year, this game has been updated several times, eventually making it better and cooler. Action, gore and a real adrenaline rush are on the list of cool thing that players can expect as they crack on. Zombies will have to be destroyed at all cost; the right reflexes, concentration and speed will definitely help! Try the game out soon and remember to use the comment section to tell us more about the experience!

    Death Road to Canada

  • We all have a game that we have waited for impatiently! However, in the case of Help! I’m Haunted, I suppose that fans have now waited way too long! This forthcoming platformer has been postponed several times and according to our source, it’s still looking for beta testers. However, those who are ready to hold on can expect improved graphics, gameplay and several other perks. Do note that Sky Pirate is planning to release the app very soon; more details are expected in the days or weeks to come. For now, do not miss the announcement video that was earlier revealed and keep an eye here for the latest updates! 

    Help! I’m Haunted



  • Team Cherry published the beta version of Hollow Knight in September 2015. The developers kept adding contents till March 2017 when they finally released the complete version of the game. It is a platform game in which you have to explore the imaginary world and combat. As it is of Metroidvania style, items and abilities are required to get access to some areas in the game. You will be able to buy maps to visit the different regions from shopkeepers who are hidden most of the time. So, in order to purchase anything, you will have to find them first. You can check the official website of Hollow Knight to get more information about the game.


    Hollow Knight: explore and conquer

    Hollow Knight: adventurous game

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  • Team17 published the game back in 2015. At that time, it was available only for PC users. The Escapists was recently released for mobile gamers in March 2017. This game is a strategy one involving yourself in the role of a prisoner. You will have to acquire several objects and craft tools in order to get out of jail. The designers provided several maps for the passionate players. A special map named “Santa’s Sweatshop” has been implemented in the recent update on iOS.


    The Escapists: the Christmas map is available

    The Escapists: a strategy game

  • Platform game fans alongside folks who are simply fond of mobile titles will soon get to enjoy Tower Fortress! The latter was earlier postponed, but we can now confirm that the app will be released in the days to come. Keybol is working on the project alongside Nitrome; we were hence promised something that will be really special. Expect a vertical moving gameplay with a mighty character. Boss fights and obstacles of all sorts will have to be passed in order to reach the highest possible on the high score leaderboard. 

    Tower Fortress Trailer - Indie DB

    Tower Fortress

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  • If you are into kitchen management games, you will certainly enjoy playing Chef Curry! It’s true that the dude seen in-game has a real chef’s name, but he might also remind you of a basketball superstar?! That’s indeed Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors and as funny as this might sound, he is featuring in a mobile game. He will be seen alongside wife Ayesha Curry as they run a pretty busy business. There will be a whole lot of dishes on the menu, look out! 

     Chef Curry

  • If you have been waiting for the unexpected Monument Valley 2 for your Android device, we have good news for you! The app has been released on Google Play and it’s indeed looking pretty impressive. It doesn’t come at a cheap price, but like its predecessor, it will certainly be worth it all! The title will cost $4.99, but it doesn’t hold a single in-app purchase. That’s right, nothing to bother you as you enjoy amazing puzzles on the go! Check it out soon and let us know how it was in the comment section!  


    Monument Valley 2 

  • If deadly pits, razor sharp spikes and unstable grounds are not part of your fears, you will certainly enjoy the game that was recently announced by developer Tobias Örnberg. The latter is presently hard at work and he promised something pretty special for anyone looking for an adrenaline rush and action on the go. Read on to discover more about this app!

    Players will be tasked to control a mighty knight, the one who actually gave his name to this forthcoming app, Hoppenhelm! Arcade/action platformer elements will be seen combined with several other cool features; together the end result is set to be pretty fascinating. Do note that “bouncy chiptune music” will set the pace as gamers hop their way across obstacles and enemies of all forms. 


    As one progresses in-game, it will also be possible to unlock several perks. Among these, look out for new characters and weapons that will be of great help as you slash your way up. Another of its features is the fact that it will be possible to use all controls with a single hand. You heard it, that’s a free limb for you to crack on with any other tasks at the same time!

    Tobias confirmed that the launch is set for the 30th of November 2017; major download stores will be targeted. For now, the introductory video can be viewed to get a clearer idea of what to expect. Check it out soon and comment below with your thoughts. Remember to keep an eye here for the latest updates and other announcements! 

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