• We all have a game that we have waited for impatiently! However, in the case of Help! I’m Haunted, I suppose that fans have now waited way too long! This forthcoming platformer has been postponed several times and according to our source, it’s still looking for beta testers. However, those who are ready to hold on can expect improved graphics, gameplay and several other perks. Do note that Sky Pirate is planning to release the app very soon; more details are expected in the days or weeks to come. For now, do not miss the announcement video that was earlier revealed and keep an eye here for the latest updates! 

    Help! I’m Haunted



  • Platform game fans alongside folks who are simply fond of mobile titles will soon get to enjoy Tower Fortress! The latter was earlier postponed, but we can now confirm that the app will be released in the days to come. Keybol is working on the project alongside Nitrome; we were hence promised something that will be really special. Expect a vertical moving gameplay with a mighty character. Boss fights and obstacles of all sorts will have to be passed in order to reach the highest possible on the high score leaderboard. 

    Tower Fortress Trailer - Indie DB

    Tower Fortress

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  • The new Cally’s Caves has been announced and it will soon be within easy reach to all mobile gamers around the web! As fans, we certainly expect a lot from this platform game and one sure thing, is that we will be served! 320 levels will be on offer, and with it, expect several cool weapons, amazing boss fights and the adrenaline rush that you have been waiting for! Do note that the app is presently being refined and the launch is slated for the 7th of November 2017. Right now, all that we can advise you folks, is to be patient and to check the action-packed trailer for a glimpse of what’s coming! 

    Cally's Caves 4

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  • Even if little is known about the game till date, we can confirm that Ninja Scroller – The Awakening will be released by the 30th of November 2017. This title is likely to provide players with a good dose of platformer thrills on the go. From the trailer that has been revealed, we also know that the game’s vintage looks and highly energetic character will help make this experience an exceptional one. Check out this Eageron creation soon and keep an eye on this blog for more details about this forthcoming mobile game! 

    Ninja Scroller - The Awakening

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  • Foursaken Media is about to deliver its next game, and it’s going to be part of the Block Fortress series. The announcement was made a few days ago; players will enjoy a gameplay that will be a mix between Minecraft and Clash of Clans. Indeed, single player features have been combined with defence-building and crafting elements which will make the app’s content look pretty original. When it comes to the cost, it will cost $1.99 only! Feel free to check the original game’s latest tutorials for an idea of what to expect! 

    Block Fortress


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  • Following its 2015 hit, Heroki, Picomy is now willing to provide players with yet another dose of quality gaming on the go! The developer has hence announced Monomals and the release is slated for 2018. Do note that the app is presently being developed for mobile devices and it will deliver a gameplay that will be a mix between the creature collecting and rhythm genres. An underwater theme will be adopted; players will be tasked to explore the sea to find funny-looking music-composing creatures. Sounds pretty original to me; I wouldn’t like to miss out on it to be frank! Check the trailer and stay tuned for more details!  



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  • For a good dose of space explorations and adventure, players can now wait for Morphite. The game was recently announced by Crescent Moon and it will be one of the developers’ key project for 2017. Do note that apart from consoles, an iOS port will also be delivered. When it comes to the gameplay, it will be all about controlling a heroic female character and leading her in her quest to find Morphite. Save the date, it’s going live on the 7th of September! 



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  • It’s been a while since the release of the initial trailer and players have all been waiting for more details from the Shadow Fight developers! With yet another video, Nekki Games has finally revealed the launch date. It’s the 16th of November and we can also confirm that both iOS and Android platforms will be served. Players can now brace themselves for a good dose of visually pleasing entertainment. The trailer will tell you more, do check it out! On the other hand, do note that Shadow Fight 2 will soon get a paid version. Stay tuned! 


    Shadow Fight 3



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  • As mobile gamers, we all know that platform games are all pretty relaxing and fun to play! However, there was an exception and that’s Mr Jump! It was so hard that only 753 players managed to finish it. In a move to cater for the requests of fans who thought that the original version was a hint too tough, 1Button has now announced that a simpler game was on the way! Mr Jump S will be released on the 20th of July; both the iOS and Android platforms will hold the app. For now, do check its trailer for an idea of what it’s going to be! 

    Mr Jump S

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  • As Clash of Clans fans and players, we have all been following Supercell’s announcements to better understand what its next update is going to bring! One sure thing is that there will be no Town Hall 12, no level 13 walls, no new hero levels However, there will be a boat that needs repairing. According to the two teasers published on the developer’s official YouTube account, more social features will be added. In the wait for more details from Supercell, do keep an eye on the page!

    Clash of Clans: Captain's Log Day 2 - New Friends!

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