• Mobile gamers will be thrilled to learn that Nitrome is soon going to release its new app! The latter is called Drop Wizard Tower and fans will certainly realise that it is going to be a sequel. Do note that the original game was launched in 2015 and Neutronized was the initial developer. The team’s contribution is also expected in the development of this brand-new experience. For now, little details have been revealed; players are hence advised to look out for more information. Subscribe for our newsletter to stay updated! 

    Nitrome will soon release Drop Wizard Tower for mobile 


    Drop Wizard Tower


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  • It has now been submitted to the App Store and it is presently being reviewed for approval! This is a crucial stage that each and every iOS game has to go through; Get Me Outta Here will certainly not be an exception. Do note that this announcement was recently made by folks from the development team, and like them, platformer fans will surely be waiting for something extraordinary!

    Indeed, the title will provide players with a retro action platformer gameplay and it will also be one with a lot of charm. As suggested, gamers with an iOS smartphone or tablet will be the first to be served; more details about additional ports will certainly be revealed in the near future! However, you folks can expect the launch of the initial version in the weeks to come.

    Get Me Outta Here

    The storyline will also be a pretty original one! An old, balding farmer gets abducted by aliens and he lands in their mothership. The latter is a massive maze and it will be packed with creatures of all shapes and sizes. It will be all about surviving and using his kidnappers own weapons, the old man will have to try and kick his way out of this mess! I am personally really excited to hear all this, ain’t you?!

    It will be wise to highlight the title’s retro style! We all know that this can potentially add a lot of charm to a game and from what can be seen in the newly released trailer, Get Me Outta Here looks and feels great. In the wait to beat high scores and conquer the leaderboard, simply keep an eye on this blog. Updates will be posted on a regular basis!

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  • If like the thousands of fans out there, you are also waiting for Robot Unicorn Attack 3, you will be pleased to hear that you can now pre-register for the Android version! When it comes to the gameplay, we will get to enjoy the same thing as the first and second games. However, “spankin' new 3D graphics which are powered by the Unreal engine” will certainly move things to the next level. The platformer will release at some point during the weeks that follow. Stay tuned for addition details!

    Robot Unicorn Attack 3

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  • The platform gaming genre has been blessed many times this season and as a player, you can certainly brace yourself for even more action! Things have been working amazingly well on mobile, which caused major developers to turn to iOS and Android for their releases. These days, we can confirm that ex-Rare staff and Conker's Bad Fur Day’s maker Chris Seavor will also join the trendy ones!

    Indeed, his next game has been announced and it’s called The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup. It’s a character-focused puzzle platformer and players will be tasked to control a pretty adorable metal puppy. The latter will be seen within a rusty and dark world; light will be his saviour. A fantastic adventure is certainly what this will be all about; we now have some details when it comes to targeted platforms and the gameplay. 

    The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup

    The development is now in full swing and the game will be released for multiple platforms. The Wii U, 3DS, Steam and last but not least, the iPad will all be served! 2D graphics, cool background music and a gameplay that will last are certainly a winning combination. Users can also expect "a very sad tale" and a hint of dark humour to boost things up. From the latest Gory Detail Devlog, we learnt that numerous levels will be presented!

    If you are thrilled by the news of this forthcoming platformer, you can certainly keep an eye on this blog for incoming information. However, one sure thing is that no specific launch dates have been announced yet. Prospect users and diehard Conker fans can also follow Seavor’s official pages for the latest updates and tips.

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  • For a well-deserved adrenaline rush on mobile, you will soon be able to download Meganoid (2017)! The title is now in its refinement phase and Orangepixel’s team is presently refining things. The launch is slated for March of this year; more details will soon be revealed. For now, we do know that the platformer is 98% ready. Check some of the in-game action within the latest released trailer!

     Meganoid (2017)



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  • For an adrenaline rush and some quality mobile gaming rounds, you will soon be able to download SumiKen! The latter will be an endless running game and OPNeon games is presently working on the project. Do note that the release date will be announced very soon! For now, do not hesitate to watch the trailer that can actually be seen online! 


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  • If you have been wondering what Nitrome has been up to these days, you will certainly be thrilled to hear about Flat Pack! This will be another platform game and its release date will soon be revealed by the developer. The in-game environment will make a difference and this is simply because the action will all take place within a cube. In the wait for more details, do check the trailer out! 

    Flat Pack

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  • While it seems to be easy for big developers to release their mobile games, others often find it hard to raise the required funds to kick-start things. However, everything is possible these days and it’s all about using the right tools to get the job done. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding website that is helping a lot. One of the game makers to have decided to use of this facility is Cloud M1, and we would like to talk about their project!

    The latter was named Ayo the Clown and it was meant to further boost the platform gaming genre. If you are a fan, you can now help the developer in its quest to get the title out there. Following checks, we can confirm that the Kickstarter campaign has failed. However, this is certainly not the end! This project can still come to life thank to the combined efforts of prospect players. 

    Ayo the Clown

    To learn more about the gameplay, you can now check Could M1’s official website. A 2.5D side-scrolling platformer experience is what would have been delivered. To boot, puzzle and RPG elements were meant to help the game demarcate itself from the thousands of apps that also fall within this particular genre. As the title suggests, a clown would have been the protagonist and from a first glance, I will have to admit that he looks pretty cute!


    To help bring Ayo to your mobile phones and tablets, remember that you only need to show some support! Simply expressing interest in the app should be enough to encourage the team to keep their project alive. You can check Ayo the Clown’s latest trailer on its official website; it will certainly blow you away!

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  • A brand-new adventure will soon be delivered by Broken Rules and we can now confirm that is has been named Old Man’s Journey. The character will be seen travelling across beautifully designed environments; these will have to be moved around to make way for him. Do note that the release date is yet to be revealed but there is a trailer that will certainly give you a glimpse of the mind-blowing adventure that’s on the way. Stay tuned for more details! 

    Old Man’s Journey



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  • By the 9th of this month, the platform gaming genre is set to get even better! Indeed, the App Store will be hosting a cool new app and it was named Narcissus. The game will be a two-player experience and this basically means that it will be possible for two users to play on the same device at once. A fast-paced challenge can be expected; one that will certainly hone users’ reflexes and speed. For now, check the trailer out for a better idea of what’s on the way!


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