• Folks with an Android smartphone or tablet can now check Google Play for their own version of Nintendo’s hit mobile platformer! As you might have guessed, that’s none other than Super Mario Run and it indeed has a second port. Just like its iOS counterpart, the latter is also free-to-play with a $9.99 in-app purchase to unlock the full game. If you are new to it all, online reviews will certainly give you a better idea of what’s it all about! 

    Super Mario Run

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  • The platform gaming genre has been blessed many times this season and as a player, you can certainly brace yourself for even more action! Things have been working amazingly well on mobile, which caused major developers to turn to iOS and Android for their releases. These days, we can confirm that ex-Rare staff and Conker's Bad Fur Day’s maker Chris Seavor will also join the trendy ones!

    Indeed, his next game has been announced and it’s called The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup. It’s a character-focused puzzle platformer and players will be tasked to control a pretty adorable metal puppy. The latter will be seen within a rusty and dark world; light will be his saviour. A fantastic adventure is certainly what this will be all about; we now have some details when it comes to targeted platforms and the gameplay. 

    The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup

    The development is now in full swing and the game will be released for multiple platforms. The Wii U, 3DS, Steam and last but not least, the iPad will all be served! 2D graphics, cool background music and a gameplay that will last are certainly a winning combination. Users can also expect "a very sad tale" and a hint of dark humour to boost things up. From the latest Gory Detail Devlog, we learnt that numerous levels will be presented!

    If you are thrilled by the news of this forthcoming platformer, you can certainly keep an eye on this blog for incoming information. However, one sure thing is that no specific launch dates have been announced yet. Prospect users and diehard Conker fans can also follow Seavor’s official pages for the latest updates and tips.

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  • It came as a surprise, but it will surely not go unnoticed! That’s none other than Night School Studio’s Oxenfree! The latter is a pretty impressive adventure game and it can now be downloaded for $3.99. You will certainly wonder why it comes with such a price, but rest assured as it will become very clear once you have checked the trailer out! Amazing art, sound and graphics will all make this experience a unique one. Do look for it on your local App Store! 


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  • As promised, Colin Lane has finally released Golf Zero on the App Store. The platformer can now be downloaded and it’s free-to-play for gamers aged nine and over. Do note that this title was greatly awaited as it was coming with golf-playing elements, included to really spice things up. The latest reviews will certainly tell you more about the game and its features. Do check them out and once tested, remember to share your thoughts in the post’s comment section! 

    Golf Zero

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  • If there is one game that certainly caught our attention during the year just gone, it will have to be Pokémon Go! In its first weeks, the latter actually caused havoc and traffic jams in urban areas and we can now confirm that it was elected ‘Best Mobile/Handheld Game’ at the Game Developers Conference (GDC). It was surely not hard for the jury to pick the achiever in the mobile category; Niantic definitely deserved it the most! You can now check the full list of winners on the conference’s very own website. 

    Pokémon Go

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  • By the 16th of March you should be able to download The Big Journey on your iOS devices! This title will be delivered by Armor Games Studio, but an Android port is yet to be announced. It will also be wise to mention that this game will please cat lovers a lot! The main character is going to be a bouncy kitty and it will be seen rolling around downhill or through obstacles to meet goals. You can get an idea of what to expect by checking the latest gameplay video out! 

    The Big Journey

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  • As you must have noticed, we are really fond of platformers, and talking about them is what we enjoy doing the most! The game we are here to highlight this time is a pretty special one; it’s called Kidu: A Relentless Quest! The latter is presently free on the iOS Store and it holds in-app purchases to unlock levels. Its unique feature is the use of perspective to shift from one platform to the other; you will certainly be impressed by this aspect of the game! Check the latest trailer to view some of the action! 

    Kidu: A Relentless Quest

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  • If there is one game that we simply could not miss at the GDC, it will have to be Agent Aliens! The latter is a really cool-looking platformer and it was showcased by Indigo Gaming. What’s special about this title is that players will not have to focus on shooting as they guide the character. This bit will be done automatically; allowing those in control to get a better grip on the environment that they will be moving across. A trailer of some sort will definitely help you out, and do stay tuned as the app might reach download stores at some point this month!

    Agent Aliens



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  • As you are certainly aware, mobile platformers are all over the place! The download stores have been taken over and from observations, this seems to have started following the announcement of Super Mario GO. However, things did not slow down after the latter’s launch! More and more apps of the sort are being released, and today, all we expect is to finally find something that’s better than the rest.

    If our sources are correct, gamers around the globe can now brace themselves for something that will indeed be pretty surprising. It’s called Suzy Cube and it is presently being developed. The title has been showcased twice already at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) and this year, it really looks to have progressed a lot. It might hence be quite close to its global release!

    From the preview that we managed to get, the title will come with sleek 3D graphics. Players will be tasked to control a cube-like character and they will then set off for a platform-dashing adventure. Unlike others of its kind, Suzy Cube will come with a pretty large environment to be explored and even though we still do not have enough details, we can guess that it will be a challenging new experience.

    Suzy Cube

     According to Northern Bytes Software, the refinement phase might take slightly longer than any other app; this is all due to the fact that a single person makes up the team. However, the latter has already proved his competences and the latest demonstration definitely proved it all. In the wait for additional details, do check the game’s progress on the developer’s official site or from updates that will be posted on this blog! 

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  • If you are into arcade-style gaming, you will be pleased to hear about Huntdown! The latter is presently being refined by folks at Coffee Stain Studios and it is indeed looking pretty awesome. For now, no release date has been revealed, but we do expect to hear from the developers in the days to come. To get a preview of the action, do not wait any longer to go through the game’s newly released trailer!




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