• If you are among those who believe that Pokémon GO is now something of the past, you will be glad to hear about Paramon Clash: Evolution. The latter is a brand-new monster-catching game from Fangcun Interactive and it is now possible to download it for free. A multiplayer RPG twist can also be expected for a break from the popular gameplay style. Watch the trailer for a glimpse of what’s in reserve! 

    Paramon Clash: Evolution



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  • A combination between the platformer and RPG genres is likely to look pretty special! With Die by Died this is exactly what you get to enjoy. The title is presently being refined by Wei Shi and the release is for the 22nd of February. According to the developer, the app will come with a premium price; it will hence not include in-app purchases. Take time off to watch some of the action within the latest trailer! 

    Die by Died



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  • We can now confirm that Digby Forever will be launched for iOS on the 16th of February. Do note that the App Store will be the only target for the moment and we might see a second port soon after the initial release. Getting back to the gameplay, it might help to point out that it was put together by 3 Sprockets and the Crossy Road developer Hipster Whale. Players can expect endless digging sort of thrills which will hold similarities to Mr. Driller! Check the trailer out! 

    Digby Forever

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  • Fans who have eagerly been waiting for a Power Rangers come-back will soon be served! The movie will be released on the 24th of March, but do note that it will not be alone! A mobile game will also be coming along and it has been named Legacy Warriors. The latter will provide players with a multiplayer fighting gameplay that it will feature all the rangers and villains. Check the trailer out for a better idea of what it will be all about! .

    Power Rangers: Legacy Warriors




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  • If you enjoyed controlling fancy-looking unicorns seen in the initial or second game, you will be glad to hear about Robot Unicorn Attack 3! The latter has just been soft launched in several countries and it should hence be on App Stores worldwide in the days to come. This time, players can expect a beautiful 60 fps 3D experience. On the other hand, we also know that it will be possible to unlock new horses as one progresses in-game. The trailer will certainly tell you more!

    Robot Unicorn Attack 3   

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  • If you have been looking for some mobile gaming thrills, you will definitely be served with the forthcoming Malevolent Machines! The latter is going to provide players with a platform-running challenge; they will be tasked to control Dr. Leyla Green as she sets out to destroy a variety of monsters. These will be her own creations, but since they turned against her, shooting them all is the only solution! The pet cyborg will be around to help and it certainly is a very powerful machine. The trailer will tell you more! 

    Malevolent Machines



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  • The Pokemon Company has a brand-new mobile game and it’s called Pokémon Duel. As you might have guessed, it comes with lots of popular creatures to collect; players will also get to join real-time battles. Do note that a board game model has been adopted here and gamers will enjoy pretty cool-looking graphics. Check the trailer out for a better idea of what this mobile experience is all about! 

    Pokémon Duel

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  • If you have been waiting for Nintendo’s next mobile game, you will be thrilled to learn that it will be live by the 2nd of February! It will be called Fire Emblem: Heroes, and as you would have guessed, it will be a remake of the developer’s hit franchise. The app will be released on both the iOS and Android stores and it certainly looks like something that will meet the needs of fans who have been expecting it. We are not sure if the title will be free or not, but one sure thing is that it will come with in-app purchases that are meant to help players level-up their heroes! In the wait for the big release, do check the trailer out! 

    Fire Emblem: Heroes

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  • The list of mobile platformers keeps getting better and larger! These days, both the iOS and Android stores are hosting hundreds, if not thousands of games of the sort. Their success among gamers is obvious, and famous developers have realised that these titles can indeed give them a boost in terms of profits. We will now look at one of the latest releases, an app that did manage to impress!

    The latter has been named Snailboy: Rise of Hermitron! It was released a few days ago and it came from a developer that’s seen online as Thoopid. These guys started pretty modestly with Tap the Coin, but with their recent efforts, we can confirm that the launched game is definitely above average! Indeed, beautiful graphics combined with an immersive gameplay seem to be a winner. You will certainly not regret trying it out! 

    Snailboy: Rise of Hermitron

    The title is presently on the App Store and, as expected, it is free-to-play! Considering that it has what it takes, Snailboy: Rise of Hermitron can definitely be classified as a next-gen app. Visually superior to the average platformer, the game has the ability to entertain players as they explore a beautifully designed underwater world in a move to finally defeat the evil Hermitron!

    Slinging, sticking, swimming and hopping will be the character’s signature moves; smooth-working controls will help on the way. It will also be wise to look out for power-ups and hidden treasures since these will definitely boost things up as you play! Watch the trailer for a better idea of what’s on offer, and once tested, remember to share your thoughts in the comments section!

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