• Footy Golf: when arcade gaming meets street foot, golf and platformer

    Combining the features from the best performing games is pretty popular practice and developers from across the industry seems to be making good use of the strategy. Most apps seen on the iOS Store or Google Play now come with multi-genre aspects, which obviously give them their special glow. What about one that comes with a combination of street football, golf and platform gaming?!

    This indeed sounds like a pretty special title and it’s called Footy Golf! The latter has been released a few days ago; it’s on the App Store as a free-to-play. As mentioned above, elements from several gaming genres will be seen therein and players will hence play as characters who will be using their foot as a club. To boot, a football will have to be kicked and once in the air, platform gaming bits like the collection of coins, will be noticed. 

    Footy Golf

    To boot, the background music will remind users of titles like Super Mario, Sonic and several other renowned platformers. To further boost the experience, the developer has made it possible to unlock new characters and balls. Each of these will have their own particular looks and characteristics, which can eventually be used to score the most goals. 80 courses will have to be completed and even if things might look easy to learn, the game will still be quite hard to master.

    Feel free to refer to your local App Store for additional details about this cool new freemium and remember to share your thought in the comment section that you will find right under this post. As a treat, you can check Footy Golf’s very own announcement trailer here, it will certainly give you a better idea of what to expect. This is going to be fun, happy gaming!

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