• If you have been wondering what’s next from the makers of Clash of Clans, you will be pleased with the Birthday Boom! The latter is a brand-new spell and it will be around for a limited time. Just like other anniversary perks that have been delivered till date, this one is indeed pretty amazing. It will cost 19K to brew, but one will not regret using it in battle. Enemies will be blown away and if you have your strategy right, you will certainly end up with lots of loot and XP. Check the trailer out soon! 

    Birthday Boom

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  • Following its 2015 hit, Heroki, Picomy is now willing to provide players with yet another dose of quality gaming on the go! The developer has hence announced Monomals and the release is slated for 2018. Do note that the app is presently being developed for mobile devices and it will deliver a gameplay that will be a mix between the creature collecting and rhythm genres. An underwater theme will be adopted; players will be tasked to explore the sea to find funny-looking music-composing creatures. Sounds pretty original to me; I wouldn’t like to miss out on it to be frank! Check the trailer and stay tuned for more details!  



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  • If you are among the millions who like to beat high scores on their mobile devices, you will be pleased with what Spin Addict has on offer. The latter can presently be downloaded from the App Store and it’s free-to-play. The title’s mechanics, visual effects and overall gameplay will certainly impress. Feel free to check it out in the video posted below; your comments are also welcome in the box! 

    Spin Addict


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  • In the recent years, platform games have adopted all sorts of themes in a move to try and impress players. While some decided to opt for high-end graphics, others went for original characters, cool sound and smooth controls. However, not all of them actually managed to reach their goals and shine as brightly as they were expected to!

    From what we have managed to observe, the most successful titles are also the most original ones. According to what we have gathered following a recent announcement, we personally believe that something pretty amazing is on the way! It’s called Cat Bird, and yes, it’s a platformer that will not only provide players with a challenge, but it will also come with a twist. The game’s main character will be somewhat special! 

    Cat Bird

    It will look like a cat, but once we have taken time to discover it, we will soon realise that it’s also a bird! Surprising, right?! Natural enemies have been combined to give birth to this peculiar character, and its unique in-game abilities will certainly boost this forthcoming mobile experience. The cute-looking white feline will actually be seen flying around the levels. Yes, a winged kitty is what you will have to deal with as you play on!

    Do note that the release is for the 24th of August; major app stores will definitely be targeted. For now, the developer has a trailer out there, one that showcases the in-app features, gameplay, graphics and sound pretty well. Do check it out soon and remember to share your thoughts and expectations in the comments section seen underneath this post. Stay tuned for a real treat!

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  • Since its release, the platform game genre seems to have got the boost that it really deserved! The app we refer to has been downloaded millions of times and by catering for the needs of players from the Android side, things got even better! You must have guessed that we are talking about one of Nintendo’s very first try at mobile gaming and the news is that it just earned itself a long-awaited patch! An update has been released, adding some cool new feature to the game.

    That’s right folks, Super Mario Run 2.0 is now out there, and if I were you, I wouldn’t like to miss it! Players across major platforms can update their versions of the app to enjoy several cool perks. Do note that this patch has been around since the month of March. Apart from improving many aspects of the game, we have all been overjoyed by the fact that a new playable character was added.

    Super Mario Run 2.0

    That’s none other than Yoshi and he will be seen in yellow, red, purple, or blue. Using a Yoshi of any of these colours in Toad Rally will actually help gamers catch more Toads of the same colour. On the other hand, a Bowser’s Challenge mode has also been implemented. Taking up this task will actually help players unlock new levels and battles against the nasty boss himself.

    In addition to everything that has been mentioned, Nintendo also announced that forthcoming events will bring more buildings. Version 2.0 is certainly a treat for millions, and it will be wise to stay tuned to learn more about future updates. In the wait, walk-through videos from some of the best YouTube stars can surely help you understand what’s presently on offer. Enjoy!

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  • For a good dose of space explorations and adventure, players can now wait for Morphite. The game was recently announced by Crescent Moon and it will be one of the developers’ key project for 2017. Do note that apart from consoles, an iOS port will also be delivered. When it comes to the gameplay, it will be all about controlling a heroic female character and leading her in her quest to find Morphite. Save the date, it’s going live on the 7th of September! 



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  • It’s been a while since the release of the initial trailer and players have all been waiting for more details from the Shadow Fight developers! With yet another video, Nekki Games has finally revealed the launch date. It’s the 16th of November and we can also confirm that both iOS and Android platforms will be served. Players can now brace themselves for a good dose of visually pleasing entertainment. The trailer will tell you more, do check it out! On the other hand, do note that Shadow Fight 2 will soon get a paid version. Stay tuned! 


    Shadow Fight 3



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  • If you have been looking to download something fun on your mobile phone, you will certainly find something on the App Store! These days, hundreds of cool games have made their way up, but only a few actually tick all the boxes! Our job is to actually guide you towards these titles and in this post, we will talk about a very interesting platformer!

    The latter is the creation of Joseph Grosso and it’s called Eggroll! You would have guessed it, we deal with an egg-themed game that will eventually come with a lot of rolling action. Sounds fun, right?! Players will actually be surprised by what’s on offer! Platformer thrills can be expect, but the character is what actually help this title demarcate itself from the rest. 



    Indeed, instead of a cute creature, brave hero or anything else that you might have come across, an egg is what will have to be controlled across the levels! It will be seen without legs, arms, eyes or wings, but will still have the ability to jump, fly and even fight pretty tough bosses. To boot, we also know that it will be possible to unlock cool costumes for our one and only in-game egg! You certainly cannot wait to give it a go by now!?

    Eggroll! is presently free-to-play on the App Store and it holds 24 challenging levels that have been spread over 6 cool stages. On the other hand, 2 playing modes will also be on offer (Endless and Stage). The trailer will give you a good view of what to expect. Check it out and remember to share your thoughts below!

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  • As a platformer game fans, you cannot miss Pauli’s Adventure Island! The latter was recently released on major mobile platforms and it can be yours for free. That’s right, nothing to pay for over 30 levels that have been divided across four amazing worlds. This is set to be a 2D side-scrolling adventure that you will never forget. All you need to do is visit a local store to finally have it on any of the compatible smartphones or tablets. Enjoy! 

    Pauli’s Adventure Island 

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  • As mobile gamers, we all know that platform games are all pretty relaxing and fun to play! However, there was an exception and that’s Mr Jump! It was so hard that only 753 players managed to finish it. In a move to cater for the requests of fans who thought that the original version was a hint too tough, 1Button has now announced that a simpler game was on the way! Mr Jump S will be released on the 20th of July; both the iOS and Android platforms will hold the app. For now, do check its trailer for an idea of what it’s going to be! 

    Mr Jump S

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