• The new Cally’s Caves has been announced and it will soon be within easy reach to all mobile gamers around the web! As fans, we certainly expect a lot from this platform game and one sure thing, is that we will be served! 320 levels will be on offer, and with it, expect several cool weapons, amazing boss fights and the adrenaline rush that you have been waiting for! Do note that the app is presently being refined and the launch is slated for the 7th of November 2017. Right now, all that we can advise you folks, is to be patient and to check the action-packed trailer for a glimpse of what’s coming! 

    Cally's Caves 4

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  • Yet another platform game is now available on the App Store and it’s one that you should not miss! You heard it, this is not an announcement, but a title that’s already out there waiting to be downloaded on compatible devices. Yotam Frid is behind this app and he might have a winner this time! Read on to learn more about this new release and its features!

    The game that you should look out for is called INFINIROOM! As the name might suggest, it will involve some in-room action. The gameplay is actually going to take players on a quest to beat high scores. To make it through, folks will have to control a cool-looking character as it runs across a trap-filled room that will keep growing as things progress.


    Also note that it will be possible to unlock new and mightier characters as one progresses in-game. Each has their own superpowers and these can obviously be very useful to better avoid obstacles and to destroy enemies. Two button controls will be seen on the screen as soon as you get started. Simplicity seems to be an aspect that the developer had in mind and he indeed managed to deliver something that’s both easy to learn and challenging.

    From what we have seen in INFINIROOM’s launch trailer, the graphics used is meant to give the experience a vintage feel and this certainly worked out well! Check it out on your local download store and remember to tell us what your thoughts are in the comment section seen below. Have a blast!

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  • Even if little is known about the game till date, we can confirm that Ninja Scroller – The Awakening will be released by the 30th of November 2017. This title is likely to provide players with a good dose of platformer thrills on the go. From the trailer that has been revealed, we also know that the game’s vintage looks and highly energetic character will help make this experience an exceptional one. Check out this Eageron creation soon and keep an eye on this blog for more details about this forthcoming mobile game! 

    Ninja Scroller - The Awakening

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  • As one of the world’s leading tech creators, innovation is part of Apple’s goals! New devices get released every year and they are always better and sleeker-looking than previous models. This month, we witnessed the launch of the iPhone X; with it came the iOS 11. This operating system is meant to provide several advantages to both users and app developers. However, it has proved to be the end for some!

    One of these is Dong Nguyen’s Flappy Bird! With the new operating system installed, it will now not be possible to play the game. Pretty sad indeed since this tap-to-fly app was one of the world’s most talked about and played game back in the days! The developer made the following announcement of the title’s official Facebook page: “The original Flappy Bird app is no longer playable on newer iOS from today with the release of iOS 11. :) Thank you very much for your playing and supports in the last 4 years.”

    Flappy Bird

    The above statement also made it clear that Dong Nguyen was no longer willing to update the app’s features to eventually keep it going. However, fans can rest assured as they will still be able to play their favourite game as long as they do not update their devices. That’s right, by simply keeping away from the iOS 11 folks will still get to use Flappy Bird on devices other than the iPhone X!

    iPhone X

    On the other hand, remember that Mr. Nguyen is still developing games and apart from his bird-themed hit, he still has several of his creations that are out there on the iOS and Android stores. For now, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section seen underneath this post and stay tuned for fresh news from the industry’s top developers! 

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  • As you know by now, we are all about platformer games for mobile devices! Their popularity is definitely going uphill these days and things are only getting better for gamers. In this piece, we will talk about one of the latest apps announced, The Sidekicks! The latter is presently being refined, and it will soon be seen on major download stores.

    If you recall playing Trine, you will certainly have a better idea of what’s on the way! The forthcoming app is also being referred to as a 3-hero platformer which already sounds pretty cool if you ask me! From the little details that have been revealed till date, we can eventually confirm that three heroes will be playable in-game. Bellie G, Zeronita, and Noobert are the names that you might want to remember!

    The Sidekicks

    Each of the above-mentioned characters will have their own superpowers, and players will be free to choose which one they want to guide across the thirty hand-crafted levels that will be on offer. We also know that a lot of efforts have been put in to include “references to classic video games and movies.” We simply cannot wait to test it out and figure out if the developers have a winner here or not!

    When it comes to the release date, we can confirm that it’s slated for the 18th of October, and major mobile platforms will eventually be targeted. In the wait for the big day, feel free to check the announcement trailer out. It showcases all three characters in action and will certainly give you a glimpse of the thrills coming your way!

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  • When it first came up in 2013, it caused an uproar among platform game lovers across the globe. It was eventually nominated three times at the BAFTA and won the Performance Award (Danny Wallace as Narrator). It also got selected among the App Store Best of 2014! The title we refer to is none other than Mike Bithell’s most amazing creation till date and it’s now better than it has ever been.

    You must have guessed it, Thomas Was Alone is the app that will get highlighted here today; its update is also a topic that we will be looking into. With the release of iOS 11 and the various advantages that game along, it was important to improve things. An update was hence delivered and the platformer eventually became compatible with Apple’s latest operating system.

    Thomas Was Alone

    Also note that version 2.1 of this award-winning game is still meant to get several performance updates. These will further improve the experience and more details will be revealed by Bossa Studios in due time. For now, it might help to highlight the fact that this immersive journey comes with 100 levels. What’s on offer is a minimalist gameplay about friendship and jumping; one that’s totally worth a try!

    When it comes to its compatibility, do note that the app will work smoothly on any iOS smartphone or tablet that has iOS 8 or later installed. Once downloaded, one will soon realise that Thomas Was Alone is nothing like the thousands of platform games that can be found out there. Its particularities got it millions of downloads and for $4.99, you can also bag yourself this fun app! Its official trailer will give you a glimpse of the action that can be seen in-game. Enjoy!

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  • Brace yourselves Clashers as you will soon get to enjoy some exciting new perks! However, the announced update will not target the regular base this time. It will improve things in the Builder Base! You must have guessed it, a level seven base is on the way and with it, players can expect a whole lot of pretty cool features. Read on to discover more!

    Since Supercell revealed the Builder Base a few months ago, we will have to admit that things got much more exciting in-game! Clash of Clans got better and this will definitely not stop now! With the forthcoming expansion, players will benefit from a brand-new defence and troops. Do note that these have already been showcased during a live stream that was held following a tournament that ended recently.

    Builder Hall 7

    The defence to look out for is named the Giant Cannon and unlike its regular counterpart, it’s indeed pretty grand! It will be possible to unlock this defensive building at Builder Base level 7 and once in place, it will soon become your ultimate saviour! Its giant cannonballs will rage through the battlefield killing enemy troops and buildings on their way. It will be an impressive sight!

    On the other hand, it will also be possible to unleash a new troop called the Drop Ship! The latter is not a ship, but a balloon and instead of dropping bombs, sword-wielding skeletons will be seen jumping over to kill Guard Post troops and everything else that might be on their way. The balloon will also deal damage when it’s destroyed. Do note that this cool update is “coming soon”; feel free to keep an eye on this blog for additional details!

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  • Mobile gamers will have to wait a little longer for Telltale Games’ next release! That’s Batman: The Enemy Within and we can now confirm that it has been delayed. It is slated for the third of October; both the iOS and Android stores will be targeted. Do note that a total of five episodes have been announced. However, players can only expect two of these with the newly launched; the rest will follow soon after. Check the trailer for some thrilling in-game scenes! 


    Batman: The Enemy Within

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  • It’s been a while since we last heard about Super Mario Run, but rest assured as a new update is on the way! Following the release of iOS 11, things have been moving and the developers at Nintendo have been working on several perks for the platformer. On the 29th of September, players can hence expect a brand-new world called World Star. In addition, a playing mode in the name of Remix 10 and Daisy will also be included. This is indeed looking pretty good and it will be wise to stay tuned if you are a fan! 

     Super Mario Run

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  • With iOS 11, several new features have been included and one of these is the facilitated use of augmented reality within games. ARise is one of the first projects to have been revealed and it’s a platformer that will certainly keep players moving. The app is at $2.99 on the iOS market. According to the new trailer, gamers will be tasked to use perspective as they play on. Hence, they will be seen moving their devices in all directions to solve puzzles. Looks fun to me; share your thoughts in the comment section! 


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