• As a mobile gamer, you are certainly aware that platform games now make up for the gaming needs of a large portion of the community! These titles are fun to play and they are being recognised. Meganoid 2017 is a good one to refer to as it was recently elected as Game of the Week by TouchArcade. As you might know, the latter is a leading mobile game news reporting website and the above-mentioned election was certainly good PR for Pascal Bestebroer. Do note that several features of the app were also highlighted in the announcement article. On the other hand, it might help to point out that it will cost $4.99 to download; a price that will surely make it inaccessible to many casual gamers. Watch the title’s announcement trailer and remember to share your thoughts in the comment section! 

    Meganoid 2017

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  • It came as a surprise, but it will surely not go unnoticed! That’s none other than Night School Studio’s Oxenfree! The latter is a pretty impressive adventure game and it can now be downloaded for $3.99. You will certainly wonder why it comes with such a price, but rest assured as it will become very clear once you have checked the trailer out! Amazing art, sound and graphics will all make this experience a unique one. Do look for it on your local App Store! 


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  • Fan and those who have caught mostly all of the existing monsters in Pokémon GO will soon get an in-game boost! Indeed, Niantic has now announced that 80 Pokémons will be added to the existing list. This will obviously stand for even more strolls in the wild and these will certainly be thrilling! Do note that popular creatures like Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile will all be of the party. Check the new trailer for a better idea of what’s coming! 

    Pokémon GO

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