• If you are feeling generous and still want to have some fun, you can now download CreaVures 18 on your mobile device! Apart from being a cool platformer, this game holds ‘no ads, no in-app purchases—no charges whatsoever!’ Sounds amazing right!? However, the coolest feature is the fact that it will allow players to optionally visit Unicef and contribute in terms of donations that will go towards the hurricane relief fund. Do note that the content on offer in CreaVures 18 will not be dependent on any amount donated. Play it soon; it will certainly feel good!

    CreaVures 18



    If you have been wondering whether you will also get your share of blood and gore on the go, rest assured, Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle will soon get a global release. The game is presently on the US App Store exclusively, but it will make it around the world by the 13th of April 2018. iOS and Android ports can both be expected on the date mentioned here. When it comes to the gameplay, do look out for gory action as Jason moves across the various puzzles that are to be solved! 


    Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle


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  • If you are looking to boost your platform game collection, something original and really special is what you need! You will find several titles out there, but only a few will actually do you justice. This blog has been set to help folks like you; read on to discover a new release that will certainly provide you with tons of mobile thrills.

    The game being highlighted today was released late last year and it’s called Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. This hit title has already been played by over 2.7 million users and things are still getting better. However, it’s important to know what really differentiates it from its counterparts. Unlike other platformers, this title will deliver an unseen type of action!


    Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

    Players will be tasked to control a silent character, one who will be seen sitting in a cauldron with a rock-climbing hammer in his hand. Steep mountains will have to be surpassed and one sure thing is that this is going to be a real challenge! Also note that this title has no in-game checkpoints, players will be at constant risk of losing their progress. One’s skills and concentration will hence be essential to make it among the best on the leaderboard.

    To differentiate things even further, developer’s very own philosophical quotes will also be heard as one progresses in-game. They are all meant to motivate; it will hence be wise to stay alert. “Getting Over It” is on the App Store for $4.99 and it’s compatible to devices with iOS 8 or later installed. Check its trailer out and once tested, remember to share your experience in the comments section!

  • With thousands of developers operating within the mobile game industry, competition can indeed be pretty fierce. However, despite the odds, the platform gaming genre will never stop surprising us. Innovative, fun and next-gen gameplays are being released and players seems to be fully satisfied by what is being offered. In this post, we will discover one of the latest launches. Read on! 

    As fans, you are certainly aware that Nitrome is a leader among the active platform game developers. Apart from providing players with entertaining apps, the team also works to deliver original gameplays. Slime Pizza is the name of their latest released mobile application. It comes with deadly enemies, obstacles, but above all, it offers a pretty delicious experience to folks who own the right device.

    Slime Pizza

    Gamers will be tasked to control a green blob. The latter is the main character and it will have the ability to stick to any surface, absorb objects that are meant to be collected, and with a touch, it will be possible to pull and fling it around. Multi-room adventures that are infested with creatures of all sorts will certainly give players an adrenaline rush like no other.

    Do note that Slime Pizza is a 9+ rated title that will fit on major iOS smartphones and tablets. Brace yourself for some pizza-saving thrills and a platform adventure that will certainly be unlike any of the others that you might have tested till date. Find the game on your local App Store and enjoy freemium thrills on the go!

  • If you feel like trying something impossible, you will be rewarded to wait a little longer! Glitch Dash is on the way to the App Store and it is going to provide players with a gameplay that will test their skills. We also know that playing this fast-reaction platformer will hone the abilities of those who will dare to try it out. Do note that the release date will soon be announced, but one sure thing is that Glitch Dash will certainly be seen on both the App Store and Google Play. Stay tuned for more details! 

    Glitch Dash

  • If you have been wondering when the next big platform game will release, you will be pleased to learn that it’s now out there! Blobout is the latest from KIDE Entertainment and it’s a title that will certainly keep you guys busy. This vertical platformer will see players control a blob as it tries to run away from the evil scientist. However, the adventure will surely not be an easy one! All sorts of obstacles will have to be dodged; one’s reflexes, speed and concentration will certainly be of great help!




  • Gamers into action games have been served! Angel Dorantes has just released its new mobile app and it’s a platformer that comes with a fine dose of violence. The title to look out for is called Kraino and once in-game, players will be tasked to help a pretty scary hero as he eradicates everything that might try to slow his progress. Look out for fierce boss fights, these might get super challenging, but they will certainly be satisfying! Do note that Kraino is free-to-play; expect to enjoy numerous action-packed levels for an adrenaline rush!


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  • Fineallday Games inc. has a brand-new release on both iOS and Android. It’s an endless-running game and it’s called Heads Hop. According to the developer, the title comes with a positive and artistic touch that will surely make thing even more enjoyable. Do note that players will get to control an animal head that’s attached to a tiny shoe; to score, they simply need to keep going for the longest time possible. On the way, look out for motivational messages that will certainly give you a boost. Watch the trailer for a better idea of what’s on offer!


    Heads Hop



  • A beautiful and colourful world is to be explored in the brand-new HeliHopper! This app is presently on the iOS market for free and it’s a platform-hopping title that has the potential to spice up your time off. This Oddrok Oy creation is all about helicopters; as a player, you will sling shoot your aircraft into the air and make small hops to finally land on a helipad. To add to the challenge, coins and freebies will have to be collected while airborne. Go for a high score and try the endless mode levels for even more fun on the go!  


  • We have some sad news for iPhone 5 owners who might be fond of Pokémon GO! You have until the 28th of February to play the mobile game! This is indeed an official update and it comes from folks who are presently working on the progression of the title. Other devices that will no longer be able to run the augmented reality game are: iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPad (3rd Generation), iPad (4th Generation), iPad mini (1st Generation), and iPad 2. Do note that this is all due to the fact that these devices will not be compatible with iOS 11. Keep an eye on this blog for additional details and enjoy your last Pokémon GO sessions! 

    Pokémon GO


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