• Clash of Clans: the Builder Hall is getting a new update!

    Brace yourselves Clashers as you will soon get to enjoy some exciting new perks! However, the announced update will not target the regular base this time. It will improve things in the Builder Base! You must have guessed it, a level seven base is on the way and with it, players can expect a whole lot of pretty cool features. Read on to discover more!

    Since Supercell revealed the Builder Base a few months ago, we will have to admit that things got much more exciting in-game! Clash of Clans got better and this will definitely not stop now! With the forthcoming expansion, players will benefit from a brand-new defence and troops. Do note that these have already been showcased during a live stream that was held following a tournament that ended recently.

    Builder Hall 7

    The defence to look out for is named the Giant Cannon and unlike its regular counterpart, it’s indeed pretty grand! It will be possible to unlock this defensive building at Builder Base level 7 and once in place, it will soon become your ultimate saviour! Its giant cannonballs will rage through the battlefield killing enemy troops and buildings on their way. It will be an impressive sight!

    On the other hand, it will also be possible to unleash a new troop called the Drop Ship! The latter is not a ship, but a balloon and instead of dropping bombs, sword-wielding skeletons will be seen jumping over to kill Guard Post troops and everything else that might be on their way. The balloon will also deal damage when it’s destroyed. Do note that this cool update is “coming soon”; feel free to keep an eye on this blog for additional details!

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