• Thomas Was Alone: the award-winning platformer is now iOS 11 compatible

    When it first came up in 2013, it caused an uproar among platform game lovers across the globe. It was eventually nominated three times at the BAFTA and won the Performance Award (Danny Wallace as Narrator). It also got selected among the App Store Best of 2014! The title we refer to is none other than Mike Bithell’s most amazing creation till date and it’s now better than it has ever been.

    You must have guessed it, Thomas Was Alone is the app that will get highlighted here today; its update is also a topic that we will be looking into. With the release of iOS 11 and the various advantages that game along, it was important to improve things. An update was hence delivered and the platformer eventually became compatible with Apple’s latest operating system.

    Thomas Was Alone

    Also note that version 2.1 of this award-winning game is still meant to get several performance updates. These will further improve the experience and more details will be revealed by Bossa Studios in due time. For now, it might help to highlight the fact that this immersive journey comes with 100 levels. What’s on offer is a minimalist gameplay about friendship and jumping; one that’s totally worth a try!

    When it comes to its compatibility, do note that the app will work smoothly on any iOS smartphone or tablet that has iOS 8 or later installed. Once downloaded, one will soon realise that Thomas Was Alone is nothing like the thousands of platform games that can be found out there. Its particularities got it millions of downloads and for $4.99, you can also bag yourself this fun app! Its official trailer will give you a glimpse of the action that can be seen in-game. Enjoy!

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