• Pokémon Go is now live on iOS and Android worldwide!  

    Fans who have waited for so long will finally be able to go out there and catch ’em all! That’s right, Pokémons Go has landed and it can be seen on iOS and Android worldwide. Deployment has just been carried out and American mobile stores have obviously been served. Wait no more, rush to your local App Store or Google Play to check or download the new mobile app for free!

    Also note that compatibility issues that was earlier affecting Android users have been fixed and the AR game is now all set to deliver tons of fun on the go! As you might have expected, Pokémon Go has been released as a free-to-play app and this will hence allow the large majority of its targeted audience to download it on their smartphones or tablets. 

    Pokémon Go is now live on iOS and Android worldwide!   

    Pokémon GO

     To boot, fans will get to meet all of their favourite monsters and this will include Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise and the one and only Pikachu! It might help to remind users that this game will be all about exploring, finding and catching pet-like creatures who will eventually assist them in battles. The twist with this new title is that it uses augmented reality technology to bring Pokémons right to your doorstep!

    You heard it, there might be something lurking around your local lake, woods or shopping mall. One’s mobile device will hence vibrate to alert gamers of nearby monsters. You better be on your guards and throw your Poké ball on time for the catch of your life! Remember to watch the brand new trailer, it’s as exciting as the actual game! 

    Pokémon Go

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