• Jutsu: original comic book art within an action-packed platformer

    Till date, platform games have taken all sorts of forms and they have always managed to appeal to large portions of the market. The genre got a massive boost with the advent of Super Mario Run, and these days, things are still going strong and new titles are being released on a daily basis. Pixel Stomper’s latest launch is an app that can be considered as a pretty good example!

    It’s called Jutsu and it can now be downloaded from the App Stores around the globe. The game comes with beautifully put together and original comic book art, sound and gameplay. On the other hand, it’s a free-to-play experience that’s action-packed and loaded with a good dose of adventure. It might help to point out that pixel art is back in trend with the launch of this title.


    Once installed, five worlds will have to be conquered. This will certainly be a real challenge, but rest assured as it will also be a fun journey across 5 perilous worlds. The ultimate goal will be to eventually beat foes and help the character get his powers back! 100 levels will have to be explored; with the right skills, one will surely get over it all to emerge as a winner.


    Jutsu can presently be downloaded from both the iOS and Android stores. The fierce in-game ninja is waiting for you to guide him to safety. Take some time to watch the trailer as it will certainly give you a better idea of what’s on offer. Dare to take up the free challenge!

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