• INFINIROOM: fast-paced platform running within a growing room

    Yet another platform game is now available on the App Store and it’s one that you should not miss! You heard it, this is not an announcement, but a title that’s already out there waiting to be downloaded on compatible devices. Yotam Frid is behind this app and he might have a winner this time! Read on to learn more about this new release and its features!

    The game that you should look out for is called INFINIROOM! As the name might suggest, it will involve some in-room action. The gameplay is actually going to take players on a quest to beat high scores. To make it through, folks will have to control a cool-looking character as it runs across a trap-filled room that will keep growing as things progress.


    Also note that it will be possible to unlock new and mightier characters as one progresses in-game. Each has their own superpowers and these can obviously be very useful to better avoid obstacles and to destroy enemies. Two button controls will be seen on the screen as soon as you get started. Simplicity seems to be an aspect that the developer had in mind and he indeed managed to deliver something that’s both easy to learn and challenging.

    From what we have seen in INFINIROOM’s launch trailer, the graphics used is meant to give the experience a vintage feel and this certainly worked out well! Check it out on your local download store and remember to tell us what your thoughts are in the comment section seen below. Have a blast!

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