• Flappy Bird is not playable on devices with iOS 11

    As one of the world’s leading tech creators, innovation is part of Apple’s goals! New devices get released every year and they are always better and sleeker-looking than previous models. This month, we witnessed the launch of the iPhone X; with it came the iOS 11. This operating system is meant to provide several advantages to both users and app developers. However, it has proved to be the end for some!

    One of these is Dong Nguyen’s Flappy Bird! With the new operating system installed, it will now not be possible to play the game. Pretty sad indeed since this tap-to-fly app was one of the world’s most talked about and played game back in the days! The developer made the following announcement of the title’s official Facebook page: “The original Flappy Bird app is no longer playable on newer iOS from today with the release of iOS 11. :) Thank you very much for your playing and supports in the last 4 years.”

    Flappy Bird

    The above statement also made it clear that Dong Nguyen was no longer willing to update the app’s features to eventually keep it going. However, fans can rest assured as they will still be able to play their favourite game as long as they do not update their devices. That’s right, by simply keeping away from the iOS 11 folks will still get to use Flappy Bird on devices other than the iPhone X!

    iPhone X

    On the other hand, remember that Mr. Nguyen is still developing games and apart from his bird-themed hit, he still has several of his creations that are out there on the iOS and Android stores. For now, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section seen underneath this post and stay tuned for fresh news from the industry’s top developers! 

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