• White Ninja: brand new arcade thrills for iOS and Android

    If you are fond of pixelated thrills in the likes of Crossy Road, you will be glad with whatever White Ninja will have on offer! The game has now been released on the App Store and Google Play and folks into arcade-style action will definitely be served right. Simple and entertaining are two of the best words to describe this brand new title and it’s one that will surely be worth your time! 

    White Ninja: brand new arcade thrills for iOS and Android

    White Ninja

     May you be sat on the bus, in a waiting room, or bored at home, you will no longer feel restless! Trung Vu’s latest released mobile game is here to keep you busy and you will not be disappointed. Expect a very casual gameplay as you play as a couple of ninjas, out there to protect their master, whose life is being jeopardised by dropping apples!

    Use your ultimate skills and reflexes to catch all falling fruits. The challenge will get hard through the levels and this will certainly hone your abilities with time and practice. May it on an iOS or Android device, the app can be downloaded for free and will only take 37.9 MB in memory space! Also note that iOS 8.1 or later will be required for it to run as smoothly as possible! 

    White Ninja

    White Ninja’s arcade-style gameplay, responsive tap controls and cute characters will certainly please many. A 4+ rating also proves that it’s a title for everyone, but testing it out is surely the best way to know! Visit a local download store soon and check this cool new pastime out!

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