• Suzy Cube: a forthcoming mobile platformer

    As you are certainly aware, mobile platformers are all over the place! The download stores have been taken over and from observations, this seems to have started following the announcement of Super Mario GO. However, things did not slow down after the latter’s launch! More and more apps of the sort are being released, and today, all we expect is to finally find something that’s better than the rest.

    If our sources are correct, gamers around the globe can now brace themselves for something that will indeed be pretty surprising. It’s called Suzy Cube and it is presently being developed. The title has been showcased twice already at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) and this year, it really looks to have progressed a lot. It might hence be quite close to its global release!

    From the preview that we managed to get, the title will come with sleek 3D graphics. Players will be tasked to control a cube-like character and they will then set off for a platform-dashing adventure. Unlike others of its kind, Suzy Cube will come with a pretty large environment to be explored and even though we still do not have enough details, we can guess that it will be a challenging new experience.

    Suzy Cube

     According to Northern Bytes Software, the refinement phase might take slightly longer than any other app; this is all due to the fact that a single person makes up the team. However, the latter has already proved his competences and the latest demonstration definitely proved it all. In the wait for additional details, do check the game’s progress on the developer’s official site or from updates that will be posted on this blog! 

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