• Super Mario Run: downloaded 40 million times within four days of its launch!

    As expected, Super Mario Run was released on the App Store about four days ago! We, eventually, have all been waiting for the developer's impressions on the game's performance on the charts and rest assured, they are indeed pretty good! The latter might actually be a quite small word to describe the title’s impact! This is obviously due to the fact that it seems to have surpassed most of its competitors.

    Indeed, Nintendo’s first ever mobile game featuring the world’s most popular plumber is a huge hit. Figures recently revealed that the app has been downloaded over 40 million times. Also note that it is slightly over four days since it’s out there and it’s still exclusive to the App Store. That’s right, we do not have an Android version yet! The latter will probably be delivered at a later time, but till date, nothing has been mentioned about a second port! 

    Super Mario Run

    What we now also know is that the title has reached the No. 1 ranking spot in the free app category in 140 countries. Impressive, right?! Super Mario Run is set to be the all-time most played Mario game, which is going to be an absolute feat for the developer and all other stakeholders!

    There is no need to mention that such a hit will also bring in millions, if not billions in profits! Revenue will be generated from in-app purchases. Remember, the first five levels are presently free and the rest will have to be unlocked through microtransactions. Stay tuned for the latest about this new iOS sensation!

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