• Super Mario Run 2.0 updated for even more platformer thrills

    Since its release, the platform game genre seems to have got the boost that it really deserved! The app we refer to has been downloaded millions of times and by catering for the needs of players from the Android side, things got even better! You must have guessed that we are talking about one of Nintendo’s very first try at mobile gaming and the news is that it just earned itself a long-awaited patch! An update has been released, adding some cool new feature to the game.

    That’s right folks, Super Mario Run 2.0 is now out there, and if I were you, I wouldn’t like to miss it! Players across major platforms can update their versions of the app to enjoy several cool perks. Do note that this patch has been around since the month of March. Apart from improving many aspects of the game, we have all been overjoyed by the fact that a new playable character was added.

    Super Mario Run 2.0

    That’s none other than Yoshi and he will be seen in yellow, red, purple, or blue. Using a Yoshi of any of these colours in Toad Rally will actually help gamers catch more Toads of the same colour. On the other hand, a Bowser’s Challenge mode has also been implemented. Taking up this task will actually help players unlock new levels and battles against the nasty boss himself.

    In addition to everything that has been mentioned, Nintendo also announced that forthcoming events will bring more buildings. Version 2.0 is certainly a treat for millions, and it will be wise to stay tuned to learn more about future updates. In the wait, walk-through videos from some of the best YouTube stars can surely help you understand what’s presently on offer. Enjoy!

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