• Spingun: arcade-style shooting now on iOS

    Considering that everyone seems to enjoy space-shooting thrills on their smartphone or tablet, it will help to consider what Fermenter Games has on offer! The latter earlier released an arcade app in the name of David and the title eventually managed to reach over 120K downloads. However, things are about to get even better and it’s all due to the launch of their latest freemium on the App Store.

    Spingun: arcade-style shooting now on iOS


    The app that to look out for has been named Spingun! This space-shooter is free-to-play on iOS and Android and it will provide users with an arcade-style adventure that might well bring them back in time. Indeed, its old-school feel is that gives the title its charm. On the other hand, a simple gameplay combined with responsive controls look like a winning strategy, but it’s now up to you folks to decide!  

    Once in-game, players will get behind the wheel of a spaceship. The latter will be customisable and despite its size, it will be able to shoot pretty impressive laser beams to destroy pixelated asteroids and other invading objects. Worry not, as power-ups will always be round the corner to help out! These boosters will allow the ship to throw devastating missiles, plasma balls, and flames at enemies! 


    This will definitely be a massive galactic blast and having it on an iPhone or iPad will certainly bring users a well-deserved adrenaline rush. In the wait for future updates to the game, do test this latest release soon and remember to share views and reviews in the comment section seen underneath this post!

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