• Run Sausage Run!: an endless running game for meat lovers  

    Endless running games are presently known for their popularity, but every now and then, they tend to get a boost from a higher power and this eventually improves their fame. Normally, this happens in the form of a new release and it’s always a game that looks like an all-round piece of entertainment. These days, Run Sausage Run! seems to be the one whose advent is really benefiting the endless running category. Let’s check it out!

    When we talk about run games like the one mentioned above, a mighty tomb raider, athlete or creature are normally the characters that we expect to see in-game. However, this is definitely not going to repeat itself in the case of Crazy Labs’ latest released app! As the title of the game might have hinted, the character will be a four-legged sausage! 

    Run Sausage Run!

    As a player, it will be your ultimate goal to protect the piece of processed meat as it runs across one of the deadliest environments that I ever saw within a game! Use the sausage’s flexible body ability to make it through the smashers, spinning words, grills and all other deadly obstacles. Do note that staying alive for the longest possible amount of time is going to be the ultimate goal. Are you ready for the challenge?!

    If you are, you will find the Run Sausage Run! in your local App Store. It’s free-to-play, but it holds in-app purchases that will allow players to buy in-game currency and new outfits for the dangly bit! That’s right, you will get to disguise and decorate it in various ways. Get started soon and once done, remember to get in touch to share the experience!

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