• Random Heroes 3: for those looking for real platform action gaming

    Mobile app download stores now hold a huge listing of pretty interesting platform games. While some have been released to be super hits, others might have been making their way in the dark. However, they are all as competitive as the other, and they really contribute towards boosting a genre that has somewhat been underestimated. We will now check one of these to help you discover more!

    The app we would like you to consider is from Ravenous Games and it’s called Random Heroes 3. The latter has been on the App Store for a while and thanks to regular updates, it is now better than it has ever been. Do note that this title is free-to-play and, as seen on its download page, it is being described as an action platformer. 

    Random Heroes 3

    The goal, while playing this particular game, will be to control an action hero! With over 25 weapons to pick from, one will simply need to guide the character across the stages while shooting at anything that might look deadly. 75 levels will have to be completed, each of which will be as hard as its predecessor.

    On the other hand, unlike new releases, Random Heroes 3 has a refined gameplay. What this means is that it has had a few upgrades already that have definitely made it better and more reliable as a piece of entertainment. For a glimpse of the action and an idea of what it’s all about, remember to watch the trailer! Comment below to share your thoughts!

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