• Pokémon GO is the App Store’s new most downloaded app!

    Released earlier this month, on the 5th of July, Pokémon GO has proved to be a phenomenon that no one really anticipated. We all expected something big from Niantic and Nintendo and the results are indeed getting better every day! For now, we can confirm that the game is the App Store’s most downloaded application within just a week of its launch.


    As you might be aware, the rolling-out process is in full swing and the augmented-reality mobile game is being released in new countries every day. Nevertheless, fans and gamers in general have been amazingly active and everyone seems to be jumping on the app as soon as it is getting out there. Do note that the title is now the most downloaded in app release history and it’s going to get even better as it reaches territories worldwide!

    Pokémon GO is the App Store’s new most downloaded app!

    Pokémon GO

    The gameplay and next-gen features are what players are attracted to and as you might be aware, it’s all about catching monsters in real-world settings. Nowadays, users are seen roaming around with their smartphones in a move to detect a Pikachu or a Mewtwo! To boot, updates are also meant to boost things up and a recent one has revealed the team leaders who were actually hidden till date. More perks are definitely on the way!


    Getting back to figures that have been generated, we can confirm that 10 million downloads have been recorded in the first week of the big Pokémon GO launch. Till date, the application has been downloaded over 30 million times and this has yielded about $35 million in revenue for Niantic and Nintendo.


    Official Pokémon GO trailer

    We expect further developments as the augmented reality craze reaches global stores. Stay tuned for more detail! 

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