• Paul Pixel – The Awakening: a point-and-click adventure that might be a platformer!

    If you have a crush for pixelated fun on your mobile device, you will enjoy what Paul Pixel – The Awakening has on offer! This brand new game can now be seen on the App Store exclusively and it comes with a pretty original point-and-click gameplay that might look like a platformer. Players will control the character, Paul, as he tried to save the world from a terrifying zombie disaster. Sounds exciting to me! 

    Paul Pixel – The Awakening: a point-and-click adventure that might be a platformer!Paul Pixel

    Do note that unlike what you might think, this title is not an arcade or platform game, but a zombie-alien apocalypse adventure! The app comes with a premium price of $2.79 and I suppose that’s the cost for hand-crafted pixel art?! You diehard fans will certainly know how to appreciate the beauty behind it all, but to me, it’s indeed all about little squares stuck together to form the whole thing!

    It might help to point out that Paul Pixel comes with a 9+ rating on the iOS market and that’s mainly due to the possibility of ‘Infrequent/mild cartoon or fantasy violence, horror/fear and mature/suggestive themes’! You have been warned, once stuck in, you will soon notice that things will get serious pretty fast and as a player, it will be wise to be mentally prepared for a decent dose of stress! 

    Paul Pixel – The Awakening

    Indeed, the story will swiftly move from Paul trying to save himself, to him saving the whole world from a massive invasion/contamination and this can be a pretty impressive sight! You surely would want to watch the trailer before getting stuck-in, it will give you a nice preview of the action. Enjoy!

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