• Ninja Spinki Challenges: A platformer coming from the Flappy Bird developer  

    Developers around the globe just cannot stop themselves from delivering titles with genres that seem to be the most popular! These days, Nintendo has triggered a dramatic hype, causing some of the best app makers to release platformer games. Yes, it’s booming and things are not likely to calm down soon!

    A date that most gamers who are fond of mobile thrills are now waiting for is December the 15th of 2016! That’s when they will all be blessed with the advent of Super Mario, the king of all plumbers, on both iOS and Android! However, as you might have guessed, he is not coming alone! Ninja Spinki Challenges is a name that you might also want to remember! 

    Ninja Spinki Challenges: A platformer coming from the Flappy Bird developer   

    The latter is presently being refined by the one and only, Flappy Bird developer, Dong Nguyen. He is not doing the job on his own, but it’s a collaboration with Obokaidem who will be in charge of the publishing bits. Do note that the most exciting thing here has to be the fact that the title will be released on the exact same day as Super Mario Run. It’s definitely set to be a bit of a distraction!

    You will notice that competition is indeed pretty fierce within the mobile game industry! It’s a tough job to play in the yard of popular app developers, something that Nintendo will soon experience. For now, players will find more details on the cool new Ninja Spinki Challenges' website. The hero will be presented therein and his cute looks will certainly thrill you all!

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