• King Rabbit: A new expansion is available for even more platformer thrills

    In a move to extend the lifespan on their apps, mobile game developers are presently coming up with various strategies. However, the one that seems to work out best is the delivery of regular updates or expansions. This brings in new content and eventually prevents players from getting bored over time. RareSloth is a developer who seems to have mastered the arts of updating its apps, and its latest work has indeed been welcomed!

    You must have guessed it, we are actually referring to the latest patch delivered for King Rabbit, and if you are a player, you will certainly confirm the joy of finding a whole bunch of new levels in-game! Do note that three collections have already been released for the platformer and the latest just does not seem to be the last. It would indeed not be wise to stop when things are going so well!

    King Rabbit

    The Diamond Collection will cost gamers $1.99. However, do note that those who have already purchased the past three expansions can get it for free. That’s right, nothing to pay for 64 new levels and tons of new perks to discover. It might help to remind new players that controlling the in-game rabbit will not always be as easy as it might seem to be! Fierce enemies and deadly traps will have to be surpassed. King Rabbit is all about platform-hopping thrills like no other!

    Remember that the title is presently free on major download stores and its new trailer will surely give you a hint of what to expect. Stay tuned for additional details about your favourite titles and remember that the comment section is now open for you to share your thoughts!

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