• In the recent years, platform games have adopted all sorts of themes in a move to try and impress players. While some decided to opt for high-end graphics, others went for original characters, cool sound and smooth controls. However, not all of them actually managed to reach their goals and shine as brightly as they were expected to!

    From what we have managed to observe, the most successful titles are also the most original ones. According to what we have gathered following a recent announcement, we personally believe that something pretty amazing is on the way! It’s called Cat Bird, and yes, it’s a platformer that will not only provide players with a challenge, but it will also come with a twist. The game’s main character will be somewhat special! 

    Cat Bird

    It will look like a cat, but once we have taken time to discover it, we will soon realise that it’s also a bird! Surprising, right?! Natural enemies have been combined to give birth to this peculiar character, and its unique in-game abilities will certainly boost this forthcoming mobile experience. The cute-looking white feline will actually be seen flying around the levels. Yes, a winged kitty is what you will have to deal with as you play on!

    Do note that the release is for the 24th of August; major app stores will definitely be targeted. For now, the developer has a trailer out there, one that showcases the in-app features, gameplay, graphics and sound pretty well. Do check it out soon and remember to share your thoughts and expectations in the comments section seen underneath this post. Stay tuned for a real treat!

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  • Since its release, the platform game genre seems to have got the boost that it really deserved! The app we refer to has been downloaded millions of times and by catering for the needs of players from the Android side, things got even better! You must have guessed that we are talking about one of Nintendo’s very first try at mobile gaming and the news is that it just earned itself a long-awaited patch! An update has been released, adding some cool new feature to the game.

    That’s right folks, Super Mario Run 2.0 is now out there, and if I were you, I wouldn’t like to miss it! Players across major platforms can update their versions of the app to enjoy several cool perks. Do note that this patch has been around since the month of March. Apart from improving many aspects of the game, we have all been overjoyed by the fact that a new playable character was added.

    Super Mario Run 2.0

    That’s none other than Yoshi and he will be seen in yellow, red, purple, or blue. Using a Yoshi of any of these colours in Toad Rally will actually help gamers catch more Toads of the same colour. On the other hand, a Bowser’s Challenge mode has also been implemented. Taking up this task will actually help players unlock new levels and battles against the nasty boss himself.

    In addition to everything that has been mentioned, Nintendo also announced that forthcoming events will bring more buildings. Version 2.0 is certainly a treat for millions, and it will be wise to stay tuned to learn more about future updates. In the wait, walk-through videos from some of the best YouTube stars can surely help you understand what’s presently on offer. Enjoy!

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  • As you are certainly aware, mobile platformers are all over the place! The download stores have been taken over and from observations, this seems to have started following the announcement of Super Mario GO. However, things did not slow down after the latter’s launch! More and more apps of the sort are being released, and today, all we expect is to finally find something that’s better than the rest.

    If our sources are correct, gamers around the globe can now brace themselves for something that will indeed be pretty surprising. It’s called Suzy Cube and it is presently being developed. The title has been showcased twice already at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) and this year, it really looks to have progressed a lot. It might hence be quite close to its global release!

    From the preview that we managed to get, the title will come with sleek 3D graphics. Players will be tasked to control a cube-like character and they will then set off for a platform-dashing adventure. Unlike others of its kind, Suzy Cube will come with a pretty large environment to be explored and even though we still do not have enough details, we can guess that it will be a challenging new experience.

    Suzy Cube

     According to Northern Bytes Software, the refinement phase might take slightly longer than any other app; this is all due to the fact that a single person makes up the team. However, the latter has already proved his competences and the latest demonstration definitely proved it all. In the wait for additional details, do check the game’s progress on the developer’s official site or from updates that will be posted on this blog! 

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  • Considering that everyone seems to enjoy space-shooting thrills on their smartphone or tablet, it will help to consider what Fermenter Games has on offer! The latter earlier released an arcade app in the name of David and the title eventually managed to reach over 120K downloads. However, things are about to get even better and it’s all due to the launch of their latest freemium on the App Store.

    Spingun: arcade-style shooting now on iOS


    The app that to look out for has been named Spingun! This space-shooter is free-to-play on iOS and Android and it will provide users with an arcade-style adventure that might well bring them back in time. Indeed, its old-school feel is that gives the title its charm. On the other hand, a simple gameplay combined with responsive controls look like a winning strategy, but it’s now up to you folks to decide!  

    Once in-game, players will get behind the wheel of a spaceship. The latter will be customisable and despite its size, it will be able to shoot pretty impressive laser beams to destroy pixelated asteroids and other invading objects. Worry not, as power-ups will always be round the corner to help out! These boosters will allow the ship to throw devastating missiles, plasma balls, and flames at enemies! 


    This will definitely be a massive galactic blast and having it on an iPhone or iPad will certainly bring users a well-deserved adrenaline rush. In the wait for future updates to the game, do test this latest release soon and remember to share views and reviews in the comment section seen underneath this post!

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  • If you have a crush for pixelated fun on your mobile device, you will enjoy what Paul Pixel – The Awakening has on offer! This brand new game can now be seen on the App Store exclusively and it comes with a pretty original point-and-click gameplay that might look like a platformer. Players will control the character, Paul, as he tried to save the world from a terrifying zombie disaster. Sounds exciting to me! 

    Paul Pixel – The Awakening: a point-and-click adventure that might be a platformer!Paul Pixel

    Do note that unlike what you might think, this title is not an arcade or platform game, but a zombie-alien apocalypse adventure! The app comes with a premium price of $2.79 and I suppose that’s the cost for hand-crafted pixel art?! You diehard fans will certainly know how to appreciate the beauty behind it all, but to me, it’s indeed all about little squares stuck together to form the whole thing!

    It might help to point out that Paul Pixel comes with a 9+ rating on the iOS market and that’s mainly due to the possibility of ‘Infrequent/mild cartoon or fantasy violence, horror/fear and mature/suggestive themes’! You have been warned, once stuck in, you will soon notice that things will get serious pretty fast and as a player, it will be wise to be mentally prepared for a decent dose of stress! 

    Paul Pixel – The Awakening

    Indeed, the story will swiftly move from Paul trying to save himself, to him saving the whole world from a massive invasion/contamination and this can be a pretty impressive sight! You surely would want to watch the trailer before getting stuck-in, it will give you a nice preview of the action. Enjoy!

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  • If you are fond of pixelated thrills in the likes of Crossy Road, you will be glad with whatever White Ninja will have on offer! The game has now been released on the App Store and Google Play and folks into arcade-style action will definitely be served right. Simple and entertaining are two of the best words to describe this brand new title and it’s one that will surely be worth your time! 

    White Ninja: brand new arcade thrills for iOS and Android

    White Ninja

     May you be sat on the bus, in a waiting room, or bored at home, you will no longer feel restless! Trung Vu’s latest released mobile game is here to keep you busy and you will not be disappointed. Expect a very casual gameplay as you play as a couple of ninjas, out there to protect their master, whose life is being jeopardised by dropping apples!

    Use your ultimate skills and reflexes to catch all falling fruits. The challenge will get hard through the levels and this will certainly hone your abilities with time and practice. May it on an iOS or Android device, the app can be downloaded for free and will only take 37.9 MB in memory space! Also note that iOS 8.1 or later will be required for it to run as smoothly as possible! 

    White Ninja

    White Ninja’s arcade-style gameplay, responsive tap controls and cute characters will certainly please many. A 4+ rating also proves that it’s a title for everyone, but testing it out is surely the best way to know! Visit a local download store soon and check this cool new pastime out!

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  • Released earlier this month, on the 5th of July, Pokémon GO has proved to be a phenomenon that no one really anticipated. We all expected something big from Niantic and Nintendo and the results are indeed getting better every day! For now, we can confirm that the game is the App Store’s most downloaded application within just a week of its launch.


    As you might be aware, the rolling-out process is in full swing and the augmented-reality mobile game is being released in new countries every day. Nevertheless, fans and gamers in general have been amazingly active and everyone seems to be jumping on the app as soon as it is getting out there. Do note that the title is now the most downloaded in app release history and it’s going to get even better as it reaches territories worldwide!

    Pokémon GO is the App Store’s new most downloaded app!

    Pokémon GO

    The gameplay and next-gen features are what players are attracted to and as you might be aware, it’s all about catching monsters in real-world settings. Nowadays, users are seen roaming around with their smartphones in a move to detect a Pikachu or a Mewtwo! To boot, updates are also meant to boost things up and a recent one has revealed the team leaders who were actually hidden till date. More perks are definitely on the way!


    Getting back to figures that have been generated, we can confirm that 10 million downloads have been recorded in the first week of the big Pokémon GO launch. Till date, the application has been downloaded over 30 million times and this has yielded about $35 million in revenue for Niantic and Nintendo.


    Official Pokémon GO trailer

    We expect further developments as the augmented reality craze reaches global stores. Stay tuned for more detail! 

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  • Fans who have waited for so long will finally be able to go out there and catch ’em all! That’s right, Pokémons Go has landed and it can be seen on iOS and Android worldwide. Deployment has just been carried out and American mobile stores have obviously been served. Wait no more, rush to your local App Store or Google Play to check or download the new mobile app for free!

    Also note that compatibility issues that was earlier affecting Android users have been fixed and the AR game is now all set to deliver tons of fun on the go! As you might have expected, Pokémon Go has been released as a free-to-play app and this will hence allow the large majority of its targeted audience to download it on their smartphones or tablets. 

    Pokémon Go is now live on iOS and Android worldwide!   

    Pokémon GO

     To boot, fans will get to meet all of their favourite monsters and this will include Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise and the one and only Pikachu! It might help to remind users that this game will be all about exploring, finding and catching pet-like creatures who will eventually assist them in battles. The twist with this new title is that it uses augmented reality technology to bring Pokémons right to your doorstep!

    You heard it, there might be something lurking around your local lake, woods or shopping mall. One’s mobile device will hence vibrate to alert gamers of nearby monsters. You better be on your guards and throw your Poké ball on time for the catch of your life! Remember to watch the brand new trailer, it’s as exciting as the actual game! 

    Pokémon Go

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