• Clash of Clans: the biggest update ever delivered 

    A brans new Clash of Clans update has been delivered! Supercell has done it again and the sneak-peaks provided have all materialised in-game. Do note that this patch might well be the biggest ever and it improves things drastically. Some of the features that can be seen include: 1) a new Dark Spell (Skeleton), 2) reduced training time for spells, Witches, Dragon and Wall Breakers, 3) 3x faster training for Golems, Pekas and Lava Hounds, 4) faster regeneration for Heroes, 5) improved Bowler and many more. YouTuber, General Tony, has a cool video that highlights some of the stuff that Supercell has delivered. Do check it out! 

    Clash of Clans


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