• Cat Bird: an upcoming platform game with a twist 

    In the recent years, platform games have adopted all sorts of themes in a move to try and impress players. While some decided to opt for high-end graphics, others went for original characters, cool sound and smooth controls. However, not all of them actually managed to reach their goals and shine as brightly as they were expected to!

    From what we have managed to observe, the most successful titles are also the most original ones. According to what we have gathered following a recent announcement, we personally believe that something pretty amazing is on the way! It’s called Cat Bird, and yes, it’s a platformer that will not only provide players with a challenge, but it will also come with a twist. The game’s main character will be somewhat special! 

    Cat Bird

    It will look like a cat, but once we have taken time to discover it, we will soon realise that it’s also a bird! Surprising, right?! Natural enemies have been combined to give birth to this peculiar character, and its unique in-game abilities will certainly boost this forthcoming mobile experience. The cute-looking white feline will actually be seen flying around the levels. Yes, a winged kitty is what you will have to deal with as you play on!

    Do note that the release is for the 24th of August; major app stores will definitely be targeted. For now, the developer has a trailer out there, one that showcases the in-app features, gameplay, graphics and sound pretty well. Do check it out soon and remember to share your thoughts and expectations in the comments section seen underneath this post. Stay tuned for a real treat!

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