• Arcade/action platformer thrills with the forthcoming Hoppenhelm

    If deadly pits, razor sharp spikes and unstable grounds are not part of your fears, you will certainly enjoy the game that was recently announced by developer Tobias Örnberg. The latter is presently hard at work and he promised something pretty special for anyone looking for an adrenaline rush and action on the go. Read on to discover more about this app!

    Players will be tasked to control a mighty knight, the one who actually gave his name to this forthcoming app, Hoppenhelm! Arcade/action platformer elements will be seen combined with several other cool features; together the end result is set to be pretty fascinating. Do note that “bouncy chiptune music” will set the pace as gamers hop their way across obstacles and enemies of all forms. 


    As one progresses in-game, it will also be possible to unlock several perks. Among these, look out for new characters and weapons that will be of great help as you slash your way up. Another of its features is the fact that it will be possible to use all controls with a single hand. You heard it, that’s a free limb for you to crack on with any other tasks at the same time!

    Tobias confirmed that the launch is set for the 30th of November 2017; major download stores will be targeted. For now, the introductory video can be viewed to get a clearer idea of what to expect. Check it out soon and comment below with your thoughts. Remember to keep an eye here for the latest updates and other announcements! 

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